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  • Gareth Evans-Jones

Cardiff Foxes

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

At LGBTQymru, we’re really pleased to see more and more LGBTQ-specific sports associations emerging. We chatted with Cardiff’s recently established running club, the Cardiff Foxes, who meet every Sunday morning. It is the first LGBTQ+ running group in Cardiff and is proving extremely popular.

1. When did the club start?

The club was started in the summer of 2021 so we’re just over a year old.

2. Why did you decide to establish the club?

The club was established for a few reasons. It was in 2021 when lockdowns were still a very real issue, and socialising outdoors and away from typical entertainment venues were the norm, and the requirement! But beyond this, it was because there was a need and indeed a want for a safe space for queer people to run together in Cardiff. In addition to this, there was also a need for more opportunities for LGBTQ+ people to socialise in an environment that isn’t just related to nightlife.

3. Why is the club important?

It’s important for queer people to have a space where anyone of all ages and backgrounds can come together and meet others, and have fun together outdoors, in a setting that is relaxed and doesn’t involve having to pay a fee. Beyond this it’s also important for more spaces and representation in athletics and sport in Wales for LGBTQ+ people.

4. How many members do you have?

Between 30 and 40.

5. When do you meet for your sessions?

We meet every Sunday morning outside Pettigrew Tearooms near Cardiff Castle at 10:15, running at 10:30. We run a leisurely 5km route through the park, and afterwards we head over to the Queer Emporium for coffee and a snack.

6. Do you hold socials?

We do! And now we’ve established ourselves properly there’ll be more regular socials too. We try to offer a range of different socials so that members can get to know each other, whether these are nights out, hiking, picnics, Pride events etc, we try to offer something for everyone. We believe that it’s important to find a range of events and activities for our members to enjoy socialising and to meet other queer people.

7. Do you think a club like yours could have existed in Cardiff 10 years ago?

It’s hard to say really. We believe that there’s been a need for something like this in Cardiff for quite a while now, and it’s been wonderful to see all of the support for us over the last year.

8. What are your aspirations for the future of the club?

We’d love to continue to offer what we do for queer people in the area, and to get bigger and better! As we grow we’d love to be able to do some sponsored runs to raise money for LGBTQ+ charities and to find other ways to support the community here and beyond.

9. How can people join?

Get in touch via our Twitter and Instagram accounts @CardiffFoxes or by Email:



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