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  • John Evans

WMC’s Cabaret Brings Chills and Thrills This Halloween Season with HAUS OF CYMRU PRESENTS

WMC’s Cabaret Brings Chills and Thrills This Halloween Season with HAUS OF CYMRU PRESENTS... HORRIBLE DRAG!

It’s been a spine-tingling week for Wales Millennium Centre's Cabaret which was graced by "Haus of Cymru Presents... Horrible Drag!" A special Halloween extravaganza, this thrilling showcase featured an array of spellbinding acts, including notable drag talents like RuPaul’s Drag Race UK alum Charity Kase, Feels like Seven, Chlo Mydia, KiKi Babs, and Ryder Allnight, all of whom brewed up a mesmerising mix of horror and allure that could wake the dead. From Halloween Burlesque to this spooktacular drag soirée, WMC’s Cabaret has had a wicked way of giving Halloween enthusiasts exactly what they scream for this spooky season with a mix of shows sure to have you screaming for more.

At the heart of the night was the enchanting performers who graced the stage. With the enigmatic Charity Kase reigning supreme, known for her avant-garde and outlandish drag style, she didn't just slay the stage (pun intended); she haunted it, bewitched it, and left the audience under her spell. Brazilian sensation Feels Like Seven wove a tapestry of seduction and horror, bewitching the audience with her mesmerising presence. Her act was a flawless fusion of sensuality (lots of screaming) and the macabre, leaving a lasting impression on all fortunate enough to witness it. The stunning Chlo Mydia radiated elegance and looks in equal measure; Although not particularly spooky as she mentioned herself, she still brought the looks, energy and a cracking playlist. The local talents from Haus of Cymru’s KiKi Babs and drag king Ryder Allnight were equally instrumental in crafting this night of scares. They brought their unique mix of horror and glamour to the stage, reminding everyone that the Cardiff drag scene is teeming with big talents. What made this evening truly special was the carefully curated vignette of acts that left no stone unturned in creating an atmosphere of unease, with blood, screaming, and the occasional missing limb. Every performer masterfully combined their distinctive style with a spooky twist, making it perfect for the Halloween season.

A new addition to the evening was Cabaret's decision to open the bar space an hour before the show. This allows guests to grab a drink and find a comfortable table, setting the stage for a relaxed and enjoyable evening. It's a small touch, but one that makes a difference, ensuring that the audience is at ease and ready to be immersed in the eerie delights that await. Furthermore, Cabaret has extended its welcome by remaining open an hour after the show's finale. This decision allowed the audience to soak in the post-show ambience without the pressure to rush out the door. It's a choice that demonstrates the venue's commitment to providing a welcoming and unhurried experience for its guests.

Cabaret at the WMC is consistently becoming a space in Cardiff that represents queer culture and the avant-garde. It's a sanctuary for those seeking something different and daring, and it continues to push the boundaries of what drag and performance can be. "Haus of Cymru Presents... Horrible Drag!" is a testament to the venue's dedication to hosting events that are both unique and refreshing to the capital region.



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