The countdown to LGBTQYMRU, Wales’ first-ever, free, fully-bilingual, digital, queer and quarterly magazine starts here. Set to launch online on Friday February 26 2021, the first issue will be packed with stories of our community by our community.

And in the spirit of true solidarity it covers all the topics that mean the most - Life, Community, Health and Well-being, and Culture.

The publication is the next chapter in the stunning success story of LGBTQYMRU, the collective of LGBTQ+ activists and allies who staged our nation’s first-ever Wales-wide Virtual Pride in July 2020.

Wales-wide Virtual Pride connected and celebrated every Welsh and Wales-based LGBTQ+ person, and their allies, all at once and all in the same place!

Even in those early days of organising the unique online event, LGBTQYMRU had already begun planning what their future would look like.

They wanted to continue to create a free, online space to continue to celebrate, support, and connect the ‘LGBTQommunities of Wales,’ and they wanted to continue to be ‘for the Qommunities, by the Qommunities’.

And so LGBTQYMRU: The Magazine was born.

The publication will support, celebrate, and connect the LGBTQ+ communities of Wales by becoming a platform for the faces, stories, and experiences of our beautifully rich and diverse Welsh and Wales-based communities.

It will inspire us to learn more about who we are, and what we can continue to be, whilst recognising that, although we might have a shared understanding of what it is like to be queer, our experiences are unique and the result of how we have had to interact with the world.

As LGBTQYMRU is a fully-inclusive magazine for all our communities, the collective also stress the importance of producing a fully bilingual edition.

Editor and Chair, Bleddyn Harris, said: “With Welsh and English being the two official languages of Wales, we wanted to make sure Welsh speaking LGBTQ+ people can engage and read the content in their language of choice.
“Also, it’s important to us that we play our part in terms of language inclusion and encouraging the growth, exposure, and usage of Welsh as an everyday language in our beautiful and bilingual country.”

So, as we move through LGBT+ History Month, LGBTQYMRU is set for a place in the record books of its own.

The full edition is available on their website, LGBTQymru.Wales, from February 26th 2021.

Readers can also subscribe to the magazine through the website to ensure a copy is delivered direct to their digital mailbox on launch day.

For the team behind the magazine, it’s crucial for our LGBTQ+ communities to have a safe, online space to tell their tales, see themselves, and know there is a place for them in this world with people just like them.

Deputy Chair and Community Editor, Craig Stephenson OBE, said:More often than not, LGBTQ+ topics are brought up in the news as a result of something negative, and, whilst it is important we continue to hold those to account who would infringe upon our human rights, it’s equally important to celebrate and validate the lives of LGBTQ+ people.
This magazine will provide us a space to see ourselves in others, to celebrate our diverse community and to tell our stories”



  • LGBTQymru, are an inclusive, voluntary, not-for profit collective, working with the queer community for the queer community.

  • LGBTQymru organised the first ever Wales Wide Virtual Pride in July 2020.

  • LGBTQymru Magazine is available online at LGBTQymru.Wales from Friday February 26th 2021.

  • Editor-in-Chief, Bleddyn Harris, and Community Editor, Andrew White (Welsh Speaker), are available for quotes and interviews on request.

  • LGBTQymru Magazine covers the whole of Wales from Cardiff to Ceredigion, Swansea to Snowdonia – and everything in between.

  • Community Editors and/or Reporters from North, Mid, South East, and South West Wales are also available for quotes and interviews on request.

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